Clément Gannat
Real estate agent, transforms the High Marsh (Article Marais Evous)
First of all, Clement loves the Marais; and he works mainly in the Haut Marais.
It's in the street that I met him, he spends a lot of time and as I'm there he thought I was competing with him. Do not ask him if he knows an apartment for sale or for rent, his specialty is to find (or sell) commercial premises.
If the neighborhood changes, so it is also a bit because of him, even if it feels more like emissary of all those, and there are many art galleries and creators who want to settle here. To give you an idea, Clement started in the neighborhood with Isabelle Marant and Christophe Lemaire. And today he is the one who installed Rose Bakery, rue Debelleyme (instead of Chica café), next to Ventilo Homme (instead of the G-Module gallery). Always rue Debelleyme, very soon arrives Comme de Garçons, (next to Bio Moi). He also installed Blanc d'Ivoire rue de Saintonge and has just found a second room for Blanc d'Ivoire Child Street Normandy. Clément announces Tigersushi, music and ready-to-wear label, rue de Saintonge, at the former location of Comme un roman. He also told me about five new transactions in the Haut Marais but it's still top secret (January 2009).
He's always like that. Whenever I meet him on the street I get a list of "new ones". One has the impression that all the transactions of the streets of Saintonge, Debelleyme, Poitou and Vieille du Temple pass through him. And yet it's only been three years that Clement is in real estate! He was a computer engineer and for his midlife crisis he decided to change jobs. He becomes a real estate agent and chooses a sector he knows, that of ready-to-wear (he worked in computer for ready-to-wear). An acquaintance tells him about this area of ​​the Haut Marais which should develop. At the time there was no professional who was interested in this end of the Marais. He starts (with Isabelle Marant) and concentrates in his small perimeter while still working in other areas, Agnès B and Médecine Douce rue de Marseille or the Chaise Longue aux Abbesses. In the neighborhood we know him, Clement is serious, very direct and he is not formatted immobilie. Moreover word of mouth works very well, those who seek or those who sell often go through it.
But he thinks of expanding his neighborhood and he is betting on the top of the rue de Turenne and later the rue des Filles du Calvaire but all that will depend a lot on what will be in the building under construction next to the Progress ( Turenne corner and Old Temple). I have already heard about Hédiard, H & M ... It remains only to launch bets! One thing seems certain, we have not finished seeing the neighborhood